Wampler Pedals Pinnacle Distortion
Wampler Pedals Pinnacle Distortion

Pinnacle Distortion, Distortion from Wampler Pedals.

Stratophil 04/27/2012

Wampler Pedals Pinnacle Distortion : Stratophil's user review

«  Can help, but does not replace a tube saturation ... »

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Everything is explained on the manufacturer's website.
Handmade, high quality components and finish.
Format interested in a pedal board.


Simple adjustments, intuitive. It is right at home.


Good sound quality. Distortion approaches a saturated channel of a tube amp, but with an indescribable and less. it lacks a little fishing and heat.
The boost adds gain but rather unpleasant artifacts. It distorts the sound a bit. I am disappointed on this point.


A pedal that can help if you do a clean sound and we want a 2 channel.
Compared to a real distortion lamps (ie, the dirty channel of my ORANGE TH30), there is no picture! Nothing beats the original.
I was hoping maybe this pedal too ...
This is anyway the best distortion pedal I got under the feet ...