Zoom HL-01 Hyper Lead
Zoom HL-01 Hyper Lead

HL-01 Hyper Lead, Distortion from Zoom.

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Neo_Rock 07/09/2004

Zoom HL-01 Hyper Lead : Neo_Rock's user review


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Analog distortion pedal (not digital zoom as shit do sai)
6 knobs: treble, gain, midde, bass, range, level.
adapter or 9 volt battery


It takes a little time to find its sound but in the end it's worth it was the sound we are looking for.
the knob is accurate, there are a lot but c a blessing in disguise.'s manual is clear and gives us some example of his nice but not show all the possibilities of the beautiful beast.


I explain in ca global view,
roll youth.

(I am the branch all the time, repeating copy with Seymour Duncan SH6 lespaul distortion + marshall all lamps


Purchased 9 months ago, a disto c \ \ Analog \ \, not the digital zoom sai shit like it.
c disto a versatile and I think she's a real metal with metal. I play some music with no problem with metallica and the sound is of the neo acdc aujourdui of any particular thanks goes to knob range,,, are quite a knob and it's not so much decision-head to settle, c clear a minimum of time to find the sound kon wants May in the end it's worth it, Deplus there are very specific.
Small flat, the tuning will be the grave until his final tuning in C, below the sound will be a little runny and the sound is twice as precise set, g unable to get machine head korn but nickel and password Fear Factory and Static-X.
PS: the password palm mute nickel and is well balanced unlike some distortion as boss (without naming names) ki leaves look a sizzling stressful every time the pick (ca kan is even a matter of taste, there are those who love and there are some who like it, this pedal can do it too if you like, ka ago and set up the treble range to donf).