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Thread Effects Advice

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1 Effects Advice
I am just starting to get into the world of effects and I need some expert advice on these three pedals or if you know of something similar in the same price range. I've heard that the effects are good depending on what kind of guitar you use and really affects the sound so FYI I use a Gibson Les Paul.

Behringer X V-AMP Floor Unit Guitar Processor
I've heard that Behringer is not the best... Is this true?

Digitech RP90 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

Zoom G1X

Thanks for any help!
Junior Guitar
How will you be using the pedals/what kind of sound are you hoping to achieve? Different people are always going to have their own preferences and while, yes, the guitar matters, it's also smart to go into buying effects knowing what you want to do with them.
Well like I said I am new to the world of effects but what I am most interested in is different kinds of distortion, phaser ( I have used both distortion and a phaser) and the wah sounds kind of fun...
As to the kind of sound that I am trying to achieve I play pretty much anything but death/heavy metal. What you said about knowing what you want to do with them before you buy them, like I said I am just starting out qwith effects so I am not quite sure what I want to do...
Your best bet then is probably going to be to test out a few at a shop near you (depending on where you live, quite possibly easier said than done). See what feels comfortable to you while giving you the sound that you really want.