Boss PH-1R Phaser
Boss PH-1R Phaser

PH-1R Phaser, Phaser for Guitar from Boss.

Mambosun 06/11/2009

Boss PH-1R Phaser : Mambosun's user review


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Phaser Pedal purchased in the early 80s.
Rings used with guitar, keyboard and even a drum machine!


3 buttons to control the level, depth and feedback of the effect. I find trimming the resonance a bit difficult to use, especially if one wants to move from having clean / crunch to a popping sound while maintaining a color consistente.


You need to spend a little time and care to find and optimize the desired sound.
I recommend placing the Phaser before the distortion for a more uniform and progressive;
Placed after the distortion, the sound is cold and thin, almost when we reached Hifi
the acute end of the loop.

Once properly dealt with and integrated with other effects, gives a superb, both in its clean, crunch as saturated.

my settings: Rate to 12 / Depht at 10am and Res 0.Donc to the effect is not very pronounced Ubut just enough to produce a color to its very vintage 70.

More upstream of the phaser, I use a Boss CS2 compressor that adds a touch of depth and fluidity to her a delight!


I use it for almost 30 years and the pedal works like new!
Nice, nice ..... what the Boss