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jimiyves 07/29/2005

Atomic Amps Reactor 112-18 : jimiyves's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
It is an amplifier to amplify the modlisation of any type (v-amp, POD, ToneLab, etc). It is therefore closer to the engine power of 60 tech 21.
Submitted it as a combo Guitres normal, but does not prampli. This is the device that will serve as modlisation prampli.

There are DIFFERENT MODELS (v-amp, pod, pod xt, ToneLab or blank is - ie empty), I find trs INTERESTED, so given that there provided with connections, to install its equipment in a location modlisation prvu and power.
The amp lights (and 2xEL84 1x12ax7). The HP HP is a spcial for this type of amp.
Power is 18W, which can lower stepfather, but that's enough for RPET and small concerts.
Do not trust any of that figure. Power level it is worth the randall rg 50 tc-which is a 50 W lamp.

I do not put that 9 because the amp does not stand by, and has no qualiseur, unlike the power engine 60.


Trs trs simple: for those blank version you just plug the device on the return of the amp. Simpler you die!

The manual explains how to install the devices sold Casing type pod and V-amp.


That it is the most impressive! It feels really good lamps (lamps jai had 2 amps before). For résumé, this amp enlve the ct modlisation synthetic device, making it more dynamic, and gives a warmer sound, while remaining neutral (a stepfather may weird but this is the case). Evidence that it is neutral: I keep the same rglages ToneLab home in records (in the sound card) in RPET and concerts (the sound).

I use it with a ToneLab, and previously with a v-amp 2. Dj with the V-AMP2 c'tat really well, but with the ToneLab's perfect! One has the impression of playing a good guitar amp trs normal sensations are the same.


I use it now for 2 months.

Why buy this amp and not a normal guitar amp? For devices that modlisation IDAL, because the amp does not color the sound (unlike the majority of amps lamps), you can keep the simulation of the HP device mod sation, and you can use it as well in an apartment, or live in BPS (for large concerts must be transplanted by a microphone).
Why buy instead of poxer 60 engine? Because of the atomic lamps primarily, but also because the engine power is not always easy to find.

Cons: the price (570 in Germany, but a good dj Poweramp guitar is at least 600) and the absence of qualiseur and stand by (no big deal).

The report qualitprix is ​​good, because we have a Poweramp lamps + an Hp 570. Be excellent for the price should be infrieur 500 I think.

Previously I had several test configs, sound system, amp transistors, amplifiers lamps, and with the sound that my v-amp and my ToneLab taient best utiliss. Only sensations n'taient never good. L they are.

Is what I would do this choice? Yes hsitation no, I sold a randall 50 W lamps for me and I take it the do not regret. The couple atomic-ToneLab is monstrous!