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fridrici 11/08/2005

Atomic Amps Reactor 112-18 : fridrici's user review


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First of all, I want prciser as less of a Lampl EST Droulez GNX4 Digitiech of a Gibson Nighthaw Special3 and Split Start US (on loan from the store)
Here, then, amp lamp (2 JJ EL84) 18-watt?? (Like what, this does not mean anything given the bte potatoes ...)
no rglage do, except that of his pramp (in our case, the Digitech)
A loop between ret, two send (L + R) a charge.
I put 9 because the nest perfection not of this world but it is clear that the intention by the manufacturer (to propose an amp for modlisateurs damplis) is achieved according to me.


Manuel succinct but clear
the sound is that of his pramp, neither more nor less, and above all, he did the color of the potato modlisation with lights! trs neutral perfect.


Can not be our answer this post because it's dpend Fully pramp
Obviously, but it suits me because I chose lai
In any case,
Gibs with N: its drooling a wish, dist lightning, warm bass that melts in the center!
Start with the US: grain strat impeccable, it seemed clear in its clapton, terrible

take with the fact that my pramp is a GNX4, it may Savre diffrent with another multi-effects or pramp


I just cowardice, we'll see for reliability ...
The price is justified (550 euros), CST - cheap quune good combos lamp (do not rely at 18 watts, it means nothing at all)