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ENGL E820/20 Tube Poweramp
ENGL E820/20 Tube Poweramp
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zuzu62 zuzu62
Publié le 11/30/06 à 07:04
Value For Money : Excellent
All-tube power amp (4 EL84 and 3 12AX7 for me in tesla and EL84 Sovtek 12AX7 LPS) stereo
2 input (left / right) .2 send (left / right) into 8 or 16 ohms which is 4 eh eh!
adjustable volume switch and gain prsence indpendant handy


Using it is simple you can not do heat 5 min (see above) and send you the pure
it is really easy to find the sound. the legalization simple and effective out its share of job
There's really no need for manual beubeu be less !!!!!!! oops ..


The stamp hoarse wild bb ideal for heavy or mtal without being too little excesif.mais is easily big blues or rock. Jazz for the countrie's not his field too
I play with one up to esp 81 / 81 for the top solo
The sound is very pure and dynamic Presc (which is a unique for this type of Poweramp try the mesa or marshall power equivalent you will understand ...). especially since the range is very large thanks to the contour that we can easily grow to 7.8 when we play mainly lead like me. the highlight of engl you have understood it but not the saturation Paisse gav that produced by low against the clean sounds are a little dry and ractifs my taste (with 81's normal) you have to play on the legalization of the guitar to get a good rsultat and is correct at the same time what we love in engl is the distortion that can occur.
I RPET but the distortion is strikingly beautiful prescision aisment we can play as a piece of malmsteen trilogy while feeling that each note is not dtach is a bit rough for a long time is right


I have two months since I love
The big plus is that sound typical of the brand
it is the tough engl
The report price is excellent quality for me is the best of 20/20 in both price (400 euros OCCAZ) than its
I do it again this choice without a doubt it is perfectly what it takes
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