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ENGL E820/20 Tube Poweramp
ENGL E820/20 Tube Poweramp
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lagrelle lagrelle
Publié le 07/27/06 à 23:29
Stereo power amp lamps: 3x12AX7 4xEL84 and 2U.
CONTRL prsence volume and for each channel, 2 inputs, 2 outputs (8 and 16 ohms) per channel, requiring a cooling fan.
2 large front grips to carry the Poweramp of around 8-9 kilos.


The amp is very well screwed on the whole, when compared to the other two in Boogie 2X20 W and Marshall.
Note from both the competitors prsence a gain switch, which lowers the level of -15 dB, and especially the prsence a standby channel. Another advantage ngligeable: good progressiv of knobs, especially in volume.


The madness, simply!!
This Poweramp delight mtalleux, even if it sounds as hell in the other registers.
I had fun for an hour to compare with my other power amp.
Raliss tests with a Vigier Excalibur (its clear) Lag and the Beast (in saturated), studio Pramp Mesa, Mesa 20/20 and Poweramp ENGL 2x20, all out of a 1x12 "Mesa / Boogie.
In his clear, ringing ENGL trs law and crystalline, with a dynamic standard, but a little drier than the Mesa, which is more rotund, more friendly.
By distortion in the things we go against srieuses.
The Mesa has a lower and lower mdium impressive, with a dark characters, but relatively mild, the sound is not aggressive ear. For the large mtal we feel that it lacks a little something.
The sound of ENGL are clearly geared up mdium, also with good bass but still less lgrement brands on the Mesa 20/20. This gives a much more wild and ct rpeux, while sounding a little more prcis. And friends for heavy, thrash and Co is much more comfortable than its competitor.
Note that the SETTING THE prsence dcuple palette of sounds and is super efficient, even if we take care not to push too much, because the sound quickly becomes shrill.
The combination of MESA and Pramp Poweramp ENGL is exceptional, each brings its color, I end up with a sound "intermdiaire" both dark and aggressive, this mix is ​​simply outstanding
On the same power it, like the Mesa and Marshall, Watts has sent are the same STRID !!!!! The switch allows for gain-15dB input, which allows to saturate the Tagus power MODR volume.


In the end if we were to take stock:
- Trs robust amp
- Trs grips transport practices
- Options not present in the competition (one standby channel, gain switch)
- Imposing and silent fan
- A sound and trs trs prcis good quality for the IDAL mtal

The -:
- Bouffe 2U space
- A little heavier than the Mesa and Marshall

But it is my opinion the perfect choice to amplify a pramp Engl, while respecting the
grain of the brand. It also marries well with other pramps, at least for test Mesa, Marshall and Engl in Poweramp 2x20W (I know there is none other), it is most convincing in Register mtal, while remaining clear and in good trs crunch.
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