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ENGL E920/50 Tube Poweramp
ENGL E920/50 Tube Poweramp

Guitar Power Amplifier from ENGL .

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forsakendream forsakendream
Publié le 06/13/06 à 02:06
This is a power amp tube EL34 2x50 watt stereo.
It is no longer manufactured.
The connectors are numerous, there are 4.8 or 16 ohm output, can connect two preamps, two switchable settings volumes, two switchable settings attendance also feature MIDI (optional, mine did not but some models have)
It also has a gain knob that reduces the volume by 20 db, which is extremely convenient when you want to play without necessarily deforming the eardrums!
Last little detail you can even adjust the fan power in following how the amp is heated!


Very easy to use, it is not a preamp! Just be careful when playing on a channel like me to put in standby the second and also to verify that the baffle is connected to the output channel that is used otherwise to grill the amp ...


Well I play with a preamplifier 570 and a 2x12 cabinet with engl washburn N2 and the sound is huge. the amp is a true war machine and is extremely powerful (do not rely on the 50 watts that does absolutely nothing to say is very, very powerful)
He keeps a very high-precision volume and accentuates the sharp and brutal pre-amp.
But he keeps all his quality in the rendering of sounds clear and crunchy. short is a real treat.
I had also tried with a Pod and a ToneLab démerder and it also make them sound divinely (I prefer it in fact largely from a sound system, at least for the metal)


I use it for some months, first with the ToneLab and now with the 570.
What I like most is probably its great clarity, accuracy, dynamics, even at extreme volumes. The higher up the sound, the more it becomes good.
What I dislike: its weight and size (15 pounds and 3 units!)
There is unfortunately no longer manufactured, I had to find it secondhand and I do not regret the purchase. I tried to marshall EL34 Poweramp, and a good one is not in the same category with Engl.
I should soon be able to compare with a VHT Poweramp but my gut tells me that the difference must not jump to the ears ...
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