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ENGL E920/50 Tube Poweramp
ENGL E920/50 Tube Poweramp

Guitar Power Amplifier from ENGL .

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awks awks
Publié le 03/21/08 à 02:50
EL34 2x50 watts, with 2 lamps per channel.
Jack connectors, classic, including a footswitch.
However it is a bit more complicated than the 840/50 because of the versatility of its potential output and input.
Swich a gain to boost the volume is available in front, and there, it kills germs.
Inputs: two preamps available, and each in stereo with front switch or foot pedal.
Outputs: this is where it gets complicated, and it is best to learn or know something about it before plugging the wrong exit. It has two outputs 16ohms left / right for two cabins 16. One in four 8ohms output left / right to either 8 in two cabins, four cabins 16ohms. And finally we have four outings 4ohms left / right for two cabins 4ohms (which is rare) or, and this is very interesting, 4 cabins 8ohms. Example, imagine that you are working in stereo with two cabins 8ohms buttocks and want to return two mini cabins like an HP 8ohms at your feet. That's what I practice and that's nice, it avoids putting too strong for each other and attacking his classmates live or in rehearsal. " The principle is the same with trips 8ohms with cabins or HP alone 16ohms .. I remind qq basic principles: two cabins 16ohms in parallel require 8ohms load (without going into details), and two cabins for 4 ohms 8ohms load.
There is also a Write out I did not understand the use today, especially since I do not use it.
And finally, there is a switch for the fan speed depending on the intensity of use of the machine.
Only flaw, it is a bit ... mastoque large (and heavy, which is normal due to the configuration and quality of manufacture)


Simple enough, but because of the generous connectivity option, a small doc is welcome, available in PDF on the ENGL site.
To get a good sound, it's so simple ..


It is ideal for sound I am looking for prog-rock, hard rock, heavy, blues ...
Gibson Les Paul in micro T500, a MusicMan Luke in EMG85, DiMarzio Paf Pro in Silhouette and Lespaul in EMG85 and EMG81.
Sources: GT5 Boss, Boss GT3, Pod Pro, JMP1 and preamp outputs for Marshall Mosfet Lead 100 head and 8100RH .. And all the sounds are accessible: the lens to nag fenderien trash through the Marshall vintage .. It asks only to return what you put him in entries.
EL34 is the good quality .. thank you ENGL


1 month in addition to its little brother the 840/50 ..
Everything is good in this pig!
I have tried many amps and combos stack, lamps, transistors and hybrid ... and there is very convenient when you want the stereo with a nice sound.
At current market prices ARGUS is a gift.
A bit skeptical in terms of volume, initially, I gladly would do this choice because of the quality of the beast ..
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