Marshall EL84 20/20
Marshall EL84 20/20

EL84 20/20, Guitar Power Amplifier from Marshall.

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elric66 06/27/2005

Marshall EL84 20/20 : elric66's user review


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As lamps
20 watts x 2
2 inputs (line outputs, 8 ohms and 16 ohms) x 2
regulation of deep (bass boost) presence and volume common to two channels


One branch, turn the knobs .. and it works!
the sound is direct! Is it good ?..... It is rather we like it or not! But the audio quality l!
The manual is short, clear and not really useful .... ... Maybe ptits for new power amplifiers!


I play ball ... and rock band with songs from Muse, Skunk Anansie, Incubus etc ... ..
A progap v2, a replifex, a lag of 90 custom Rockline, a vigier Original 98 in Duncan, a 1936 Marshall 2x12 cabinet and roll ..
The sound is great (I prefer the EL34 2X100 of the same brand)
The deep quickly becomes essential! Ds rounded bass + amp very dynamic! A severe bomb!
Unlike what some claim (did they really try this amp ???).. play group ais!
My drummer is a hysterical patient of a clear and Piccolo (you, the tympanic clear that send you to the cemetery chauqe !!)!!!.. strikes yet on Hyteria MUSE, no worries, I go easy! ! Also CFLI also of Faith No More, or Skunk Anansie !..... And for some who talk about Peavey 50/50 classic ... the configuration Marshall 20w + 50w quad boogie versus Peavy / Rocktron vodoovalve wins by KO! !
No hard feelings!
Ah yes ... I used for 4 years in mono .. 1 input, 1 output without connecting .... anything ... ds the 2nd channel and my ears, I ' did not cram !!!!.. no lamps 4 years !!.... chance! this amp is solid!


I have since bought 99 .... 3200 ... nine balls
Plus: light, sound, dynamic, a solid unit ...!

minimum: Fan a bit noisy (especially in standby)
I had tried before to 50x2 peavey at the time, the 50/50 Boogie (too steep!) and the 2x100 marshall ... The nickel is 20/20 for me! not try the 20/20 boogie at the time because of my budget and del reput + brittle too!
Report quality very good price ... the epoch of 3200 balls Pigalle.
I would do this choice! .. Especially about 600 euros on the beast .. a Pigalle is good!
Remember, the entire sound is important! The amp will be more p-a home with a preamp rather than another! A bad cable or a bad HP can stifle the sound!