Marshall EL84 20/20
Marshall EL84 20/20

EL84 20/20, Guitar Power Amplifier from Marshall.

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lagrelle 11/07/2003

Marshall EL84 20/20 : lagrelle's user review


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2x20 watts power amp all lamps (1x ECC82, and 2xECC83 4xEL84), a format unit and trslger (5 pounds soaking wet. Naura level knobs on the head a lot with a single volume knob and one prsence or the bare minimum. larrire A there are two 8 ohm outputs, two 16-ohm and two output lines. Finally a switch foot deep dclechable also to add bass.


Careers News is simple, no need to take the head for hours. Too bad that is not stro Lampl, one would grate indpendamment its two outputs. Nanmoins you can only nUse quune dentre they Resistors meets a load lautre.


Quoiquen some say its the wrong nest not far from l. While Marshall cest sign but there is a certain roundness even if the mediums are always l. The function is a plus as deep again in a serious blow gives boost in the bass, and personally I've never complained about men. Remains the power of 2x20 watts high honnte even if it is true what will be just a little group.


A Larrive this power amp sduit OF USE by its practicality and weight restricted trs making it a companion IDAL to work at home. Unfortunately this amp has a lot of default:
- The nest's not bad but there are a lot better.
- Power too just to work in groups.
- Attention overheating, the fan is ridiculously small and lvacuation dair is hot on the piercing ct jai tle on top to avoid overheating of the lamps! !
- Stereo Amplifier not, we must use both the two outputs, which receive the same signal.
- Finally I find Lampl trs is misplaced: it is sound quality level relgu the mesa boogie 20/20, and level prices for a few dollars more it offers a calm Peavey 50 / 50 more powerful, more reliable and better quality sound dune.