Mesa Boogie Simul-Class 2:90 : Anonymous 's user review


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- Power Amplifier 2x90 watt lamps while class A / B (three 12AX7 and 6L6GC eight, attention has prvoir in the budget at the time of purchase ...).
- 19 "2 U
- 20 kg evil rpartis (all on the front ...).
- A between right / left one, 6.35 format. A level selector of (line / instrument).
- 3 footswitch outputs for Deep, Half and Modern (footswitch not included .. not good ...).
- 6 speaker outputs: 2 8/16 ohm and 4 ohm 4.
- Volume and presence for each channel (very convenient, you can play in single cutting the volume and pushing the bottom presence of non-used channel!).
- A selector on / off and one for the standby (by the way, the action of these selectors is very sweet, no guts no * pop *, unlike say, a Marshall).
- A blue LED power on (nice!), And a diode for each of the three modes.
- A Gnral fuse faade, 2 fuses for each of the power of lamps to the rear.
- A variable speed fan on the power tubes, mounted horizontally to the rear of the amp (as in the Triaxis). practice amp only takes 2 U instead of 3 like Marshall, not practical at the time to change them, you have to have thin fingers ...

- I'll put good 10/10, but with that damn weight and imbalance, b'en nan!


- Hyper bte use, it connects to one side his Pramp the other a cabinet, taking care that the Impedance obviously.
- Instructions Mesa in English, 6 pages, doc very clear and simple.
- Turning knob is played for a ring, box like a Marshall!
- It can be used in mono.
- Function Deep / Half / Modern can be activated by footswitch / midiswitcher. Tranquillou!
- Connectors complte!


- The b'en I not known better amp to power level!
- At the base without the 3 modes activs, the amp adj his personality I use diffrentes guitars through a Triaxis and Gmajor. In the end chain, in a Celestion G12T 1960A-75. It replaces the power section of my old Marshmall JCM 900 4102.
- The amp reproduces very well the grain of Triaxis, adding his: soft and round, or more compressed with still a lot of momentum. He loves the bass and restores wonder if the speaker to follow. Which is obviously not the case with HP G12T-75 ... we quickly realize that these are very limits HP with Mesa, I also suppose with VHT, Soldano, etc. While with the Marshall, it is believed that these are HP honntes ... I know, I believed myself up now!
- The power is staggering! 90 watts Mesa, has sacrment stronger reason JCM900 100 Watts! So 2x90 watts is too much to play at home, such as room rpt '! Not possible at present to the bottom volume is madness!
- But I bought one hand for its fabulous dynamics, and secondly for its ct Mr More: 3 modes Deep, Half and Modern.
- Let's start with the rather more traditional: the Half. B'en, it just lowers the power on two channels simultaneously. We then have the choice between 2x90 watts, 1x90, 2x45 or 1x45! Not bad, right?
- The Deep is an active filter that boosts and enhances the bass. Very effective, one just stands in front of his cabinet and the legs of his pants was that move to the rhythm of HP! Too much! Well, the neighbors will not forcment love!
- The Modern boosts the treble and high-mids, much like the Presence, but adding a natural compression hair and vibrant, saturated gave an even more furious! The volume is thereby also further augment a wonder!
- I drive the activation of three modes via MIDI switchers my Triaxis. at each preset, I can program the activation of the insert loop and each of these three modes. Very handy! But you can also activate with a footwitch or better by a MIDI switcher such Rockman Octopus or ENGL Z11.
- Utilis in mono or stereo, it does not lose momentum.
- Last excellent appearance, it sounds dj superbly low volume without powersoak! It's just wonderful!


- I'm hooked! It is so addictive and sounds so good that I became super hard in gear now ...
- Its weight is pnible but 2x90 watt lamps to be expected!
- When changing lamps, tubes 11, hurt the wallet! Especially when the bias is more or less Blocked for use only Mesa badges lamps. But also passes without problem with Svetlana! (Besides Gillou thank you for helpful advice, kindness and patience!)
- It remains to invest in a cabinet that follows the level of the couple 2: 90 / TriAxis, ie the Eminence or Vintage 30, but certainly not the G12T ...