Mesa Boogie Simul-Class 2:90
Mesa Boogie Simul-Class 2:90

Simul-Class 2:90, Guitar Power Amplifier from Mesa Boogie.

aceofspades06 10/15/2007

Mesa Boogie Simul-Class 2:90 : aceofspades06's user review


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Audience: Advanced Users
Already said so!

one thing: virtually unusable at home, even in repeats, but the potato is from Hell.
I say "potato" is a small word yet ...

3 modes are perfect for working with the Triaxis. is that of happiness

for those who want the pro stuff, these are the two made to live together ..
Question lamps:

there are lights CARREMENT a 4 x 3x cheaper in the US Teutons or Ches .. so not worry ... just dig a little on the net .. in addition it will give you pleasure tips for the lamps to suit your style of use


Again, this is a stereo power amp, then use a stereo, most people have only one speaker, but almost all of the Cabs have two entrances and a stereo mode

for now I play with a slanted Carvin 412t, 400w, and I put it into 4ohms in stereo ..

better to play in stereo with two volumes has two as a single channel has 4 ... basically anything!

I often remark on ais amps of power, the knob "A" turns faiclement, the "B" ca harden a bit ... not good, not good ... the long term.


Hamer Diablo, ESP HDC-old Les Paul std a friend

all sounds possible sounds by taking the time to settle properly the 2 bikes.

deep, and modern color your sound.

heavy in flight case with other elements, we regret ... but it's up!;)
Once a branch we love it! ;)

I opt for 2U flight case for 2 / 90 and another for the preamp elements.
less hard to bear at once!


I have tried many model, yes, but this one, advised by a friend, let me really ass on the floor!

I played with a Mesa 20/20, I prefer the sound of 2x90 because they are drier, more cristallints, in perfect agreement with the Triaxis. the 20/20 has a much more compressed and "rough / smooth", it is not negative, attention. it is a matter of taste.
but of course, with the pepette in hand, in a small 2x20 + in the rack, and we can play with configs, mixtures, elements, the usefulness of the Rack!

the dynamics of the 20/20 is more important and of course rising faster in the turns that the 2 / 90

the 2 / 90 is suitable for all styles of music, like his friend the Triax.
I would do well on this choice, when you taste a good mechanic, Quench!
in short everything you throw quickly to pass his old stuff this monster ..
in all this is what I did. ca took me over a year to have the Triax and the 2 / 90 ...

proper maintenance dust bomb + contact from time to time and presto, FLOW.
after interview if his gear properly, it does not move.
I regret that there can be no two planks stand by, in order to really connect a single channel, as in some VHT m'enfin and marshall ... this is nothing ..