kinder_guano 12/24/2005

Mesa Boogie Simul-Class 2:90 : kinder_guano's user review


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- Power Amplifier 2x90 Watt All Tube Class A / B (three 12AX7 and 6L6GC eight, attention, provide it in the budget at the time of purchase ...).
- Format 19 '2 U.
- 20 kg poorly distributed (all on the front ...).
- An entry on the right / one left, size 6.35. A selector input level (line / instrument).
- 3 output functions for the footswitch Deep, Half and Modern (footswitch not included .. not much ...).
- HP Output 6: 2 8 / 16 ohms and 4 ohms 4.
- A volume and presence for each channel (very handy, you can play in single volumes by cutting and pushing the bottom of the channel presence unused!).
- A selector on / off and one for the standby (by the way, the action of these selectors is very smooth, without notch or * pop *, unlike, say, a Marshall).
- A blue LED power on (sympa!), and a diode for each of the three modes.
- A main fuse on front, 2 fuses for each set of power tubes in the back.
- A variable speed fan on the power tubes, mounted horizontally on the back of the amp (as in the Triaxis). practice, the receiver takes only 2 U instead of 3 as Marshall, not practical at the time of the change, you need fingers for ...

- I will put much 10/10, but the damn weight, and this imbalance b'en nan!


- Hyper beast to use, it is connected from one side to the preamp, the other in a cabinet in accordance with the impedance of course.
- Notice Mesa in English, 6 pages, doc very clear and simple.
- We play turns knob to make it sound, as stupid as a Marshall!
- It can be used in mono.
- The function Deep / Half / Modern can be activated by footswitch / midiswitcher. Tranquillou!
- Full connectivity!


- B'en there, I not known better at the power amp!
- Basically, without the three modes activated, the receiver has his personality! I use it with different guitars, and via a Triaxis Gmajor. At the end of string, a Celestion G12T-1960A in 75. It replaces the power section of my old Marshmall Jcm 900 4102.
- The amp reproduces very well the grain of Triaxis, while adding its own: soft, round, or more compressed, with still a lot of momentum. He loves the bass and perfectly restored provided that the speaker follows. This is obviously not the case with HP G12T-75 ... we quickly realized that HP is very limited with Mesa, I guess also with the VHT, Soldano, etc.. While with the Marshall, it is believed that HP are honest ... I know, I believed him too far!
- The power is amazing! 90 watts Mesa, cause damn it stronger than 100 watts JCM900! So 2x90 watts is too much to play at home, such as rehearsal room '! Not yet possible to put the volume up, it's madness!
- But I bought a fabulous part for its dynamics, and also for his part Mr. Plus: 3 modes Deep, Half and Modern.
- Begin rather by the more traditional: the Half. B'en, it just allows to lower the power on two channels at once. We then have the choice of 2x90 watts, 1x90, 2x45 or 1x45! Not bad, right?
- The Deep is a filter active boost and beautify the grave. Very effective, it sits right in front of his cabinet and it was the legs of his trousers fluttering in the rhythm of HP! Too much! Well, the neighbors will not necessarily love!
- The Modern boosts the treble and high-mids, like the presence, but by adding a bit of natural compression and dynamic, saturated it gives an even more furious! The volume is thereby also increased again! amazing!
- I drive the activation of these three modes via MIDI switchers my Triaxis. at each preset, I can program the activation loop insertion and each of these three modes. Very handy! But you can also activate a footwitch or, better, a MIDI switcher like Rockman Octopus or ENGL Z11.
- Used in mono or stereo, it does not lose momentum.
- Last but excellent, it already sounds superbly low volume, without powersoak! It's simply wonderful!


- I won! It is so addictive and sounds so good that I became a super difficult level stuff now ...
- Its weight is hard, but 2x90 watt lamps, one would expect!
- When changing lamps, tubes 11, it hurts the wallet! Especially when the bias is more or less locked to use only lights badged Mesa. But it also depends smoothly with Svetlana! (Thank you also to Gillou relevant for his advice, his kindness and patience!)
- Remains to invest in a cabinet that follows the level of the couple 2:90 / Triax, ie HP or Eminence Vintage 30, but mostly not ... G12T

Addition, 24/12/2005: sold for a config header + baffle there is more than a year.

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