Blackbendi 05/04/2011

Randall RT 2/50 : Blackbendi's user review

«  Be careful with your ears! »

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POWER AMP All Tube! 100W
Two inputs and four inputs master speaker.

In front, three knobs for each channel (thus six knobs, precision in case ...) A VOLUME, A PRESENCE (to boost the highs) and density (to boost all frequencies)


First time I spend on a rack so the first power amp.

One connects the two entrances to his master preamp in both the power amp inputs CHANEL, regardless of the order. Can you connect a speaker on each input for this purpose (input firms, in English)

No manual when I bought but not required.


I put "excellent" because for my first power amp it really does its job.

I explain my randall preamp is coupled with a Lee Jackson GP 1000, ROCKTRON pregnant and gives everything its really excellent. Before I put the preamp on a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, but it was not planned for it. The change is radical, it's all tube, really expressed my preamp and RANDALL gives enormous power with as a bonus reinforcement frequencies.

So with all that I can get closer to what I wanted since I started playing guitar, CLOSE TO SEE HER HAVE A VERY CLOSE TO CHILDREN OF BODOM.
(Warning Not that with this power amp!)


I use it for a month and I'm posting this comment quickly because no notice was filed.

I want to say that those who want power can trust this amp. A true beast. Must be great to send potato in concert.

However there are still expensive, 590 € Used for my part (in-store cons). So an investment.

He did his job from the top of its 25 KG ^ ^ I would buy without worry if I loose, so finally I have the money ...

Average General 9 / 10 because perfection does not exist.