Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail
Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail

Holy Grail, Reverb for Guitar from Electro-Harmonix in the Holy Grail series.

Ogmor 01/27/2014

Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail : Ogmor's user review


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This is a digital reverb, of course: we have the choice between 3 modulations, spring, hall or a mixture of reverb and flanger (flanger which acts only on the sound of the reverb, not the guitar signal ).
Otherwise, only one knob for assaying the presence of the effect, which acts as a balance between the effect and its gross.
It takes a standard mini jack power supply that is provided
It is not true bypass, but I do that is in effect which is dedicated loop, so it does not bother me.


Matter of principle, I do not waste time reading the manual a pédal not have one knob adjustment!
Not complicated to use in my view, from the moment we know what we want and what we do not want more the knob is turned clockwise, the more raw sound of the guitar will be low, and its effect envahisant, so "dirty". In my case, set to 13h, it gives enough presence to the effect without removing the raw signal, regardless of the modulation, it suits me


Reverb simulation is very convincing I find it does not sound cheap for a sub (haha)!
The Hall effect is also very good, but too typical for me to use than lead or its claira my opinion.
But my favorite is the sound "Flerb" with a flanger applied to the sound of the reverb, it gives a small side "space-psyche" that I love. Obviously, the sound of the flange itself is not adjustable, and it is a pity. But since this is un'un element that color the main effect is going very well this additional adjustment.


So I use it for years, to the low abbord, guitar now, mainly for solos.
I do not remember that she exuded blast or special coloring, but again, it's been over a year that it is only in an effects loop. Anyway, the sound of the effect itself, whatever the mode is excellent, very realistic.
I do not know what is the equivalent in today's Nano series, since my model no longer produced, but if you find this pedal OCCAZ at a reasonable price (it's not vintage either huh), I think it's worth it!