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New Strymon BigSky reverb pedal

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Strymon BigSky
News Strymon BigSky

Strymon is about to launch a new digital reverb pedal for guitar, called BigSky.

The BigSky pedal offers 12 types of reverb, with the classic Room, Plate and Hall and most unusual effects like springs, multi-head tape Magneto and more.

BigSky employs a SHARC processor and you can adjust the decay, tone, pre-delay (up to 1.5s), modulation, dry/wet mix, and two additional knobs can be assigned to certain parameters for each preset. Plus, according to your setup (amp, PA, direct recording…), a Cab Filter emulation switch can be enabled.

Strymon adds that each type of reverb has its own adjustable set of parameters and you can store and recall up to 300 user presets via the three available footswitches. Those footswitches also allow for activating Sustain and Freeze features for the active preset. Also, you can choose between two Spillover or Reverb Persist modes for each preset.

The connection panel features two jack inputs and outputs (for stereo operation), an expression pedal input as well as MIDI in and out. The MIDI connections will serve for MIDI control of the parameters, preset selection and preset backup to the included librarian software via a MIDI to USB adapter.

No information regarding the availability or price of the BigSky. Visit www.strymon.net/bigsky/ for further details. 





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