Reiep 12/19/2013

Strymon blueSky : Reiep's user review

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Broadly, stereo reverb pedal upscale, true bypass, including 3 types of reverb (room, flat spring) and 3 modes (normal, mod, shimmer). For full features, better visit Strymon, over-inclusive.
The pedal is made entirely of aluminum and should withstand the strongest shoes.
If you use a power supply at least 200mA DC 9V required (measured by Cioks).
The only flaw in my opinion (like all single pedals Strymon): no MIDI to control favorites (preset = 2), activation / deactivation of the pedal and pedal always use a phrase via midi. A true dry kill would have been appreciated too.


Very easy to use, there is really a way of carving reverb with onions. Only the Mix knob has a dual function (+ / - 3dB), so it is simpler than the El Capistan from this point of view.
The practical Favorite button allows you to save a preset it will be easy to remember in one click.
The manual is very explicit but in English, non-English speakers will make an effort.


I use the BlueSky with Diezel Hagen mainly to give fullness to my sound when I play alone in smaller volume. I put it in the parallel loop with the mix to 100%, reverb-type room with mod mode. The idea is to have a very subtle reverb, you can almost hear that when the off ... and it works!
I use it sometimes in a pop record on clean sounds, this time in the series loop spring or shimmer, each time with excellent results. I'm not a big fan of reverb, but I can every time find the setting I need, is the principal. Settings pre-delay and low / high damp really help sculpt his sound.
I stay in a very subtle registry, but those who want "the big reverb that spot" will also be met.


Overall, an excellent reverb pedal for demanding users. I my bearings to models TC Electronic or Hardwire, but a great deal has helped me a chopper BlueSky like new at an unbeatable price.
It remains an expensive pedal that I can recommend for demanding users reverb. Most casual users of other more affordable models that will make the job very much, which ultimately is my case. This is why I would reiterate a BlueSky if I fall back on a great deal for my use is luxury.