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Paul Gilbert Creates 2 TonePrints

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TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb
News TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb

TC Electronic presents two TonePrints from guitarist Paul Gilbert.



Earlier this year, TC Electronic launched five new guitar pedals with on-board USB ports which allow guitarists to upload ‘TonePrints’ to their pedals. Paul Gilbert (Racer X, Mr. Big) created two personal TonePrints – one for the Corona Chorus and another for the Hall of Fame Reverb.


Here is what TC Electronic had to say:

“Paul wanted to create a sweet, shimmering chorus sound that would be equally suited for clean and dirty sounds, and the ‘tri-chorus’ mode of the Corona Chorus pedal was perfect for that purpose. Paul Gilbert also got to pick a name for the TonePrint and he came up with ‘Triple Caramel Apple’ as the warbly and gooey feel of the sweet chorus reminded him of one of his favorite desserts: caramel. The ‘triple’ refers to the ‘tri-chorus’, of course, and the he felt that the clean sound would represent the ‘apple’.”

“When creating his TonePrint for the Hall of Fame Reverb pedal, Paul Gilbert wanted to get a nice tail of space. A reverb tail of comfort that adds that certain something to any guitar tone – even when sustaining the notes.”


Available: Now

Price: Free


Paul Gilbert’s TonePrints online:
'Otis Fieldsgood’ for Hall of Fame Reverb
'Triple Caramel Apple’ for Corona Chorus

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