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TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb
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JLDavid JLDavid

«  Probably very good »

Publié le 07/17/14 à 06:44
Reverb-only, many types, including a configurable or "downloadable" in the "Footprint" label


Configuration very simple pedal. Loading a Footprint too. on the other hand, edit your own preset Footprint is a bit more sporty.


It looks good, according to all the other reviews. Why is there so much used on the other hand?


I, also, bought used via AF. I plugged in, I looked at the system Footprints and I tried some and I made the rounds of all the reverbs, turned the knobs, disconnected, returned to its box, relisting AF, and sold a few days later. An hour clock.
I'm not saying it's a bad pedal, moreover no one would believe me. But I like program-reaching effects and there - apart from the single Footprint - I realized that it was very limited and I will not bore quickly.
However, if you do not have the same disease as me, rather hold account other reviews of this topic.
(I take this opportunity to express my amazement at the culmination of the site Audiofanzine Everything is, everything is easy, great job guys. Never let go of us!)