Z.Cat Hold Reverb
Z.Cat Hold Reverb
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TheJeff666 01/18/2011

Z.Cat Hold Reverb : TheJeff666's user review

«  For fans of plies »

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A digital reverb pedal very special for creating webs ... made in Riga in Latvia, for some Vlad, very nice and reactive by mail.
you can turn your keyboard that you emm .... by asking you all the time on what range you have to play ...

- Knob dry for the output level of the direct sound of the guitar
- Knob to hold a lap or hold it (HUGE!)
- Knob decay
- Knob reverb level

- A switch to trigger the effect
_ A switch "hold" to keep the sound ....

small box (a quality AC ...), which seems well made, pots, switches and jacks seem quite as well, we will use, and I feel I am much use ...


Not need manual, AC is great, there is not .... But the design of the pedal and very simple and clear, 4 pots to express very different functions, they cheat and found his sound in 2 minutes. Coooool .......

the reverb settings are standard (reverb level and decay) and then it was a level to the reverberant sound and another to hold the effect. breeze.


First is a reverb pedal (digital) with a very nice sound, workable just in the state. Already a sympathetic case for the price, knowing that the pedal does not sound cold and digital, but hot and vintage (I hate digital reverb type digitech or boss). Then, hold the effect and the possibility to independently adjust the levels and dry levels hold.

Dry zero, it was the sound of slick that develops rapidly (but not too much) on the agreement you just electroplate. Sound simple organic webs on which we can not play along. raising the standard dry means the original agreement, it triggers the switch to hold the water, and we can send her little phrases or arpeggios on the web. happiness! more needs keyboards for Floyd ... or for other things ... See for yourself ...

But where it becomes terrible it is magnifying the sound of Hold Reverb. I am a fan of neo psychedelic layers (or post rockiennes ...), I'm having connection with the following: the holy stain (in pitch or trem) which will hold in the Z Cat Reverb, all in the loop of the deluxe memory Boy, and all this in the loop of Blackstar .... HUGE !!!!! layers of thick and warm as I live as I want with the pedal to the memory boy (amount control) while playing with the limits of self osicllation ... and moreover, thanks to the z cat, I can continue playing on the web with a super reverb and more ... that happiness and it sounds!!


Lol, 3 hours of use, but I knew what I was buying and why I bought it, and I'm thrilled, this is exactly what I wanted.

Hold the Z Cat Reverb is a great pedal that should interest any fan of groundwater or piped psyche, textures or experimental tinkering. and it goes very well with a good chorus and a good analog delay. Ambient moods, psyche or insured post rock ...