Celestion G12M Greenback
Celestion G12M Greenback

G12M Greenback, Guitar speaker from Celestion in the Classic series.

awks 09/21/2007

Celestion G12M Greenback : awks's user review


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Two cabins G12M Greenback and G12H, 20 years (save water).
sounds a clear, warm and bright. They ragissent instantanment shots to MDIA. These are dynamic HP trs, trs own.
I had to try three dozen different HP and Varis, at Celestion, Eminence and Jensen for years.
Prices are more affordable these days (thank you euro) I quip in two 4x10 cabs with two 2x10 G12M Greenback bought 89euros pice. Again, this is a real treat. is a well-shuffled with a second team of cabin 2XG10L35 and 2XG12T75.
With the exprience? yes I would do without this choice hsiter. Now, if you want HP's most powerful but not in colors as mdiums Vintage30, I recommend the Century Vintage 60W 98db ...
Vintage 30 excellent.
Greenback 25 ... even better is the top IMHO.
G12H30 .... s also a superb sound, halfway between the Vintage 30 and Greenback.
G12K100, must love ...
G12T100, plutt Designed to be alone in a cabinet or combo with one HP, but bites plutt Try the well-shuffled with G12T75 V12-60 or X-shaped, 4 * 12 especially if you have any hybrids or Mosfet100 heads.
Century Vintage trs .... nice .. and well equilibrated (especially lightweight: 1.7kg 4.7kg for the Vintage 30, for example). It's really an HP discovering. Personally I prfre at Vintage 30.
G12T75: arrtez to say anything ... we must try to understand it better. It is designed to be in 4x12 and turn heads with Marshall 100 watts, and nothing else, then combines 2 or 2 with other types of 97dB HP G10L35 .....( looking for prf ence versions made in England of the 80s ...)