Celestion Vintage 30
Celestion Vintage 30

Vintage 30, Guitar speaker from Celestion in the Classic series.

aliascross 09/29/2004

Celestion Vintage 30 : aliascross's user review


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I use Vintage 30 for 2 years now.
I manufactured a similar 4 * 12 cabinets. Thanks I was able to compare several HP:
- Celestion Vintage30
- Celestion Century Vintage
- Celestion G12H100
- Celestion G12T75

The Vintage30 a particular grain. It is above the top of the spectrum that emerges, ie the low standards are not ... Still, the sound is INTERESTED because it brings a nice color to mdiums. Moreover, as the bass are not too Submitted, he can cash the guy! well ... if I have time, I will add this notice records that the house ... , 0) to compare what I Submitted 4 HP ...

In Manir gnrale, use only the Vintage 30, I do not seem to be a solution INTERESTED ... it must be shuffled with other HP have more bass, as the G12H100 is really wonderful to have sound trs heavy with big bass ... it's really night and day between one and Vintage30 G12H100 ...

The Century Vintage, it keeps the grain of the Vintage 30 in the treble, with a little more mdiums creuss ... but unless the G12H ... For low is substantially the same thing a Vintage 30, with a tad more even when ...

The G12T75, I do not even speak ... not worth the trouble ... we are really far from other HP ... It is not TElement the sound itself is bad ... but it lacks precision TElement of that drool, and final result is misrable.

In conclusion, I would say that is Vintage30 are Intrets if mix with others.
To receive the mtal, I suggest that (with a 4 * 12 for example) 2 Vintage 30 on top and bottom G12H100 2.

If you have any comments for me prcise this advice, Do not hesitate! , 0)