Electro-Voice EVM12L Pro Line
Electro-Voice EVM12L Pro Line

EVM12L Pro Line, Guitar speaker from Electro-Voice.

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tps5352 11/22/2013

Electro-Voice EVM12L Pro Line : tps5352's user review

« The Photos Are of Various EV Speaker Models »

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I do not believe that the 16th photo on Page 1 of Images, and the 8th and 9th Photos on Page 2 of Images portray EVM 12L speakers. Instead, they are the generic, OEM versions of the “Force 12” speaker.

The “Force” series of Electro-Voice speakers (offered in 10-, 12-, and 15-inch versions) used the same rugged (cast-aluminum) frames, but have smaller magnet assemblies and were lighter in weight than their more powerful EVM speaker counterparts (10M, 12L, and 15L). The Force speakers handled only up to 150 watts (still powerful), and had somewhat different acoustic properties. In retail form the Force speakers had fancy identifying front dust caps and rear emblems. In OEM form they were unadorned. Both versions usually had the distinctive black cast metal fins on the rear plate.

The original SRO and/or EVM 12L speaker may have been a 300 watt speaker (like the original EVM 10M speaker). The EVM 12L Series II speakers, pictured in most (but not all) of the remaining photos are 200 watt speakers, and usually had either (a) a flat rear plate with an EV factory label (retail version), (b) an aftermarket speaker- (e.g., SLM Electronics) or amp- (e.g., Fender; Mesa Boogie) manufacturer’s label (OEM version), or (c) no label, with or without EV factory stamped information and model/date codes (OEM version). These variations are nicely illustrated among the two pages of Images on this site.

The Force, EVM 12L (in original form), and later EVM 12L Series II speakers are no longer manufactured. Photo 2 on Page 1 of Images is of a current 12L Classic still offered by Electro-Voice.

While I am not an expert, I believe that all these various types of EV speakers are excellent upgrades, when properly matched to appropriate guitar amplifiers. EV speakers are powerful and very rugged. They are, however, heavy and acoustically accurate ("unforgiving," as someone has said).

I can personally vouch for the (OEM) Force 10 and the EVM 12L Series II (called a "12F" on the Fender label) speakers, which were offered as upgrades in certain 1980's Fender Series II tube amplifiers (e.g., the small Super Champ and larger Concert amps; see 3 photos).

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