Dean Markley Blue Steel Electric
Dean Markley Blue Steel Electric

Blue Steel Electric, Guitar String from Dean Markley in the Blue Steel series.

gsarl 03/22/2011

Dean Markley Blue Steel Electric : gsarl's user review

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I've been using blue steel strings since 1995. The reason i keep using them is they stay bright and strong sounding the longest of any string i've used. I clean my strings and fretboard whenever i'm done playing and literally, i can keep a set of these sounding fresh for 6 weeks (thats including gigging 2 times a week and practice 2 times as well). If you can find them under 6 bucks a pack, grab them.

I mostly play metal and these suit that style well, you dont really have to work hard to get pinch harmonics to jump out, and generally, these strings interact well with tube preamps, as they're not thin sounding at all. I do my own setups, and from set to set, i can always expect consistency, and also i can perform with confidence that i'm not going to have dull tone because of my strings. They do take some stretching to where they finally settle in and are ready for an intonation, but that's a good thing, cause once you get them stretched out and set, they're good to go. I use them on all types of guitars (les paul, floyd rose type guitars and standard strat types, AND acoustic too!!!) and, like i said, i dont worry about my strings being a weak point in my tone chain.

They're pricey if you buy them retail, but worth it even then. I try to buy them as a dozen/case when i can, as with anything else, they are cheaper in bulk/by the case.

I've used D'addarios', DR, GHS boomers, gibson, elixer, ernie ball and finally settled on these as the best sounding, longest lasting. I continue to buy them, and wish i'd have found them earlier than i did as i spent a bunch of money on strings that either were dull sounding in comparision, or were breaking.

I REALLY have to try to break these, and USUALLY (i say usually because every once in a while, you just get a bad string for whatever reason)....usually, when you break one of these, it's time to change the whole set, because the others will start to pop soon after.. Again, i clean my strings after each playing time, and rarely have to change these out more than 6-8 weeks on a regular playing/gigging schedule.