Dean Markley Blue Steel Electric
Dean Markley Blue Steel Electric

Blue Steel Electric, Guitar String from Dean Markley in the Blue Steel series.

gsarl 03/22/2011

Dean Markley Blue Steel Electric : gsarl's user review

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I also use the 10-46 blue steels, and, as in that review :, the thing i like most about the Blue Steel's is the tone and the longevity in which they retain the tone and brightness. These heavier strings are perfect for blues playing, and downtuned metal playing, or just in general when you need a thicker, more defined sound (maybe say when recording, or if you're using a lot less distortion for whatever reason). I use them mainly on 2 downtuned Les Paul guitars, but i've also used them on my blocked tremelo ibanez rg. They feel a little different on the thinner neck, but i was already used to the feel of the thicker string, so it just made me dig in a little harder with that guitar in relation to how i was picking.

I run the 10-52 set on my lower tuned (everything from A standard through D standard) tuned guitars. The feel on the lower tunings from the lower strings is perfect and the lighter top allows me to still be able to wrangle out all my quicker runs and licks. The other nice thing about them is, i can sub any of these heavier ones in for a broken 10-46 and get away with it for the gig, if needed, cause i'm already used to them. They're a great 2 in the 1/2 punch of string choices if you require standard and lower tuned guitars. Plus, it feels to me that the heavier lower strings resonate a little better and dont sound floppy or extra buzzy like some other's i have tried in the heavier gauges.

All in all, i'll keep buying these...they have a really strong, yet balanced tone on the lower end that absolutely crushes the preamp on just about any amp or rack preamp i use. As i mentioned on my other review of the dean markely 10-46 sets, these set up, stretch out, intonate and settle in really nice, and they stay put. i have graph tech saddle savers on all my less pauls, and can't remember the last time i've broken a string.... i can say though, when i switched from ghs boomers to blue steel strings i stopped breakind "d" and "g" strings about once every other set.

If you haven't given these strings a try, you owe it to yourself, your tone, your guitars, and your bandmates and audience to treat them to something a little nicer than they're used to!