Dean Markley Blue Steel Electric
Dean Markley Blue Steel Electric

Blue Steel Electric, Guitar String from Dean Markley in the Blue Steel series.

mooseherman 05/11/2010

Dean Markley Blue Steel Electric : mooseherman's user review

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I have been using these strings for many years now. When it comes to electric guitar, it'd be really nice to buy the best, most expensive strings all the time. However, as most players have undoubtedly realize, strings have the annoying habit of breaking all the time. So we need something cheap. But cheap shouldn't have to mean cheap-sounding. That's why I love these strings, they are really affordable but still sound great all the time. Plus, they feel spectacular and are always fun to rock out to. This size string in particular (10-52) is great because they have all the benefits that the heavier strings have in the low end, plus all the soaring highs that come with lighter strings up top.
I really like that combination, I feel as though it really lets my electric guitars shine through and hit every frequency level really well. I get the thick lows and all the bright highs without having to compromise. Most strings that attempt to do this always have a habit of keeping the strings really unbalanced, which is sort of frustrating. Ernie Ball is a perfect example of this, which I find annoying. I can't believe how many people supposedly use those strings, considering how annoying some of them are. Anyway, I can't say much more than I already have, as far as affordable strings go, these ones are great-sounding, comfortable, and they manage to last a decently long time. Maybe not as long as Elixirs, but those sound terrible in my opinion. These are among the best out there.