Ernie Ball Cobalt Electric Slinky
Ernie Ball Cobalt Electric Slinky

Cobalt Electric Slinky, Guitar String from Ernie Ball.

Dr.Bob 03/15/2014

Ernie Ball Cobalt Electric Slinky : Dr.Bob's user review

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After buying a beautiful Stratocaster Mark Knopfler I got this offer rope game by the seller because the original game was 09.
I replace the game, and then surprise it sounded dull, cardboard with a touch very dry.
Compared to the price that these strings cost it's still weird and I started to doubt the purchase of my guitar!. I turned this game rope then reassembled the dadario exl 110 010/046 and there miracle it sounded like it should sound.
So either there was a problem with this set of strings or they are made to a well-defined style, but to play (country rock and roll blues) in clean no interest.
Good distrust us it has been 30 years since I scratch and maybe I'm a little limited by habit but for me it is not.
Tastes and colors but it takes a minimum of color.