Ernie Ball Cobalt Electric Slinky
Ernie Ball Cobalt Electric Slinky

Cobalt Electric Slinky, Guitar String from Ernie Ball.

trevellin 05/10/2014

Ernie Ball Cobalt Electric Slinky : trevellin's user review

«  expensive ... »

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I bought them today and I tried a lot ...
at first, the strings are less rough than standard models, they sound more "dark" ....
after, then to say that they last so-called 3 times longer than the base models .... um, have to see in time ....
what I like most or least; I think these strings are expensive for the arguments they advance, because, even if it is the case that they last longer and they are treated with cobalt, I think it is a selling point to justify € 14 (double base models!) for the purchase of these strings; that are not savarez either!
after, I must make myself sound of these new strings ...
the price / quality ratio is, for me, a little truncated by the price that I find expensive.
for now, this is just my first impression, I'll see later how they react to oxidation, physical treatment I inflict their ...
but I just wanted to try them, because I do not play exclusively on ernieball strings (I wish they'd sponsor me ... ah ah).
ultimately ropes a little different from the issue and inexpensive standard models; after, if they last longer, I ascend the note ...