GHS Guitar Boomers Zakk Wylde Signature
GHS Guitar Boomers Zakk Wylde Signature

Guitar Boomers Zakk Wylde Signature, Guitar String from GHS in the Guitar Boomers series.

tonmazz 08/06/2012

GHS Guitar Boomers Zakk Wylde Signature : tonmazz's user review

« GHS Boomers perfect for drop tuning »

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The GHS Boomer Zakk Wylde strings come in 10-60 gauge to accommodate modern down tunings ala Black Label Society and other heavy modern guitar sounds. I wasn't sure what to expect with these but I knew I couldn't go on with tuning the Low E to a B and having basically a thin rubber band as my low string.

The GHS Zakk Boomers solved that problem and provide a hybrid set of strings that allows you to enjoy the gauge up top that you can still bend with ease but still have the chunk down low of a thick string and thus a thick sound. The 60 on the bottom is a bit hard to get used to depending on what you are used to but I found it a bit of a learning curve. My fingers had to callace up a bit before I could be truly comfortable. Once that happened, these were a great solution to playing modern rock and accommodating modern drop tuning. As with all GHS strings, my experience has been exceptional and I have had few problems. I have never broken a GHS string at a gig when I change them often. As a matter a fact I have only ever had one failure period on a low E right out of the pack. This was obviously an anomaly.

I would also suggest getting the 11-60 set for certain applications. Speed metal is a great genre for this set as there is very little lead work and when there is it relies on little bending technique. This set is durable and can withstand a pounding. Whichever set you choose, I highly suggest you try these out if you have the need. They are not a good choice for playing classic rock or even 80s. I would also suggest not putting these on a trem guitar that is typically set up for 9s. Trust me you will need to add a spring or two to the trem to keep it at center, trust me I tried! Stick to a good solid body Les Paul or something similar and these can be a great tool and perfect for down tuning.