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Korg Pitchblack Pro rackable tuner

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Korg PitchBlack PB-05
News Korg PitchBlack PB-05

Tuner/Pitch Pipe/Tuning Fork from Korg belonging to the Pitchblack Tuners series

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Korg's back to school and introduces today the new products that will be released by the end of the year, including the Pitchblack Pro rackable tuner.

The Pitchblack Pro is a 1U rackable tuner and cable checker. The front of the device features a newly-developed “3D” style meter with color LEDs for improved visibility in any light conditions, from any distance or angle.

The Pitchblack Pro offers three display modes:

  • Regular, which is similar to a needle-type tuner, with the LED moving to the center when the string gets in tune
  • Strobe: the LED illumination stops flowing when the string is in tune and will flow from left to right when tuning is still necessary
  • Half Strobe: The LEDs stop flowing and only the center LED is lit up when accurate tuning is reached

The Pitckblack also features a cable checker option. Checking is done when connecting the end of a mono 1/4" cable to Input 1 and the Cable Check jack and the display will indicate wether the cable is broken and/or shorted.

The tuner includes a buffered output and mute function is present for silent tuning. You can also footswitch the mute using the Mute jack.

The Pitchblack Pro will be available this Fall for a US street price of $99.99. More details available at www.korg.com/PitchblackPro.


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