TC Electronic PolyTune Mini
TC Electronic PolyTune Mini

PolyTune Mini, Tuner/Pitch Pipe/Tuning Fork from TC Electronic in the Polytune series.

chessou 03/01/2013

TC Electronic PolyTune Mini : chessou's user review

« Kudos for this little tuner »

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Value For Money : Excellent
I've been using it shortly but I'm really satisfied with this tuner.

I'm done with multi-effect tuners that are always far off, vibration tuners on the neck and others whose needle is not responsive nor precise enough.

This small Polytune has everything to please anybody, specially lucky Floyd rose owners. The polytune mode, which I thought was a mere bauble at first, has proven to be very effective and practical, especially to tune a floyd where increasing the tension on a string inevitably makes the other ones loosen, so you end up tuning all strings in real time knowing where you are, with this tuner I can tune my floyd rose in two steps and three movements. Once tuned you only need to do some chromatic fine-tuning to give it the finishing touch.

The display is perfectly readable, the tuner is very responsive and precise, the indicator is stable.
I have to revisit all my tunings because they they were never that precise. I have been playing 15 years with poorly tuned guitars but now they sound better than ever!

The pedal is solid, the switch is rugged and it works pretty well.

I like the true bypass, which allows me to keep the tuner in the chain without worries. The foot control is very smooth and it mutes sound perfectly when the whole band is tuning. It's small and discreet but does a great job.

It does have a couple of snags:
- The power connector on the side (grrrrrrrrr........ it's very annoying!!!), so if you already have lots of pedals, consider buying a daisy chain because the pedal is the first in the chain and can end up being too far from the last one!
- No battery operation ─ a lousy joke for people who play live.
- The manual is not included, you have to download it from tc electronic's website
- The adhesive pads on the bottom don't stick, you have to use double-sided scotch tape or a bit of glue for them to stay in place (or not use them at all!).

Good vale for money. The mini version is more than enough for me. It's always heartbreaking to spend so much in a single tuner but for a guitar with floyd it's indispensable.

With hindsight, I should've bought this pedal 15 years ago! It would have spared me from playing with out-of-tune guitars and having a hard time trying to get them in tune with needles and useless displays that move in all directions (or don't even move at all!).

EDIT: After using it some time, I should add that the display gets scratched pretty easily, so be careful! Also, I've noticed a bit of noise when I strum the strings in tuning mode, it's surprising and maybe due to interferences induced by my analog/solid-state gear?!