DOD FX25 Envelope Filter
DOD FX25 Envelope Filter
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stf74 10/25/2012

DOD FX25 Envelope Filter : stf74's user review

«  FONKYESQUE! ! ! »

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Value For Money : Correct
Affect sensory or slamming FUNK DUB well boosted low.
Two knobs settings.

Technology with evil ... a stack. Yes you heard right ladies and gentlemen.
Or some kind of power supply jack jack rotten M **** and fabulous connectivity with cables, yes, cable jacks. I shudder.


Despite its two knobs it is not so easy to find the right balance between dynamically based attacks in the game (fingers, pick, wood logs ...) and the range of desired effect depending on whether you want slamming a game live, which engages the attack as the strings or a big sound very full bass and all relative at the neck of the instrument (in the treble or bass). In short it is easy is not so obvious, as my explanation elsewhere.


As soon as we found the setting, the funkadélice ... Or Boombassadélice ....
I use it mainly with a low because I'm a substitute bassist.
But I also tried with a guitar because I am a beginner guitarist cockroach and it is as effective and enjoyable (with a keyboard should try to see).
Against by the effect should be taken into account in relation to all other instruments and its placement in the mix, and there it may not be obvious too (compared to the output level of the amplifier and chooses effect pedal).


I've had 4-5 years and I think this is the pedal that is found most often connected.
Besides, I have two in case one finds himself stranded (I love it).
In the same vein I also have a Mutron HAZ which is not too bad but different and more massive, a FX25B same brand but do not constitute a Wha Wha is good too but less striped envelope filter ... and then we share in the hyper-space Moog and cie quiet so we immediately otherwise it goes on.
And I know what.
In short, this pedal is for me a favorite Funkyesque and portable excellence.
Value for money begins to grow in value and is not given the matron, but it's worth it.
I remake this choice a million times.