DOD FX25 Envelope Filter
DOD FX25 Envelope Filter
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Bassistuta 03/14/2005

DOD FX25 Envelope Filter : Bassistuta's user review


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ZE funky machine
Hatch for easy battery CASC by the rear portion.
2 knobs Rglages = Range (DEFINITIONS envelope, signal processing) and Sensitivity (power effect)


An happiness envelope filter that gives even when a little job for rglage (but with tears in his eyes once mi.
There are only two knobs and happily. The Range can be set all the sauces as you got on the other hand, unnecessary Exceeds 3 / 4 of the Sensitivity, a hand in every way and your review will be taken according to the diff rent power supply you use.
In this regard, it is better to use a stack because it's then Rican amprage is very sensitive. It's 9V certainly, but a lightweight in mAmp boost is welcome. But not too much or we just gun and to find another, it is the Cross and the banner.
(Just a note but said the bottom line is sound)


Purists know ZE sound of the FX-25 even if we believe less and less.
How do you mean?
Wah is a violent hit you full head and leaves as quickly as it arrives but still leaves Similarly, on and off, wake a super-funky.
Without touching the buttons, you can qualify simply by rendering the position of the right hand and by the attack. The quality is the same but still leaves the field a little intuitive.
This is a perfect example of what must be and remain an effective tool =!
Much of the work must be done by the man and his little hands.
And if the conditions are runies, the FX-25 will bring the gifts and the icing on the gteau before blowing out the candles.


I use it for 6 months and it took me long to find a trs.
That collector. Purists love and a lot even without playing, keep it.
Describes by many (B. Collins, Flea ...) as funky as ZE envelope.
Rglages picky (see Use), which provides even greater pride and happiness in the end.
Did not mind "clan fermquot; those possde something rare, I am" for "this kind of pedals are dveloppe but hlas, it is clear that in this area, it is indboulonnable.
The FX-25B has no grain hlas!
If c'tait again, I Rasht and over again ... and again ...... and again ............. and again, but let's be clear, I do NOT sell!!