DOD FX25 Envelope Filter
DOD FX25 Envelope Filter
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adhawen 12/10/2008

DOD FX25 Envelope Filter : adhawen's user review


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One effect available ... The pedal is digital but it sounds good.


The settings are not simple (despite only two pots), but with a little patience you get there ... it all depends on what one is looking for.


As said above, it depends on what you want: you have to know where we are going with this pedal but if it is known, it can be quite terrible!
Beautiful people is used (Flea, Mr. Einziger) it's not for nothing.


She still has a sacred grain ... His little sister (FX 25B) does unfortunately not out as well and apart electro-harmonix nothing of it.
Given its argus is a bargain but this is the problem: very difficult to find and at a good price, it is no longer manufactured ...
If you find one, go head down, it's collector!