Dunlop DB01 Dimebag Signature Wah
Dunlop DB01 Dimebag Signature Wah

DB01 Dimebag Signature Wah, Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Dunlop.

MGR/Deanster 11/11/2008

Dunlop DB01 Dimebag Signature Wah : MGR/Deanster's user review

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Beginning guitar, experienced bass player. No band. Neo classical metal & own very worst critic (as I was taught to be). on sale for $100! I wanted to expand my sonic arsenal.

This thing is built like a tank! The sound is amazing and the look is beyond cool. Love the variable sweep. I wish I could have given one to each of the guitar players in my last band.

Switching mechanism.

This pedal is gonna outlive me!

You gotta get one. This pedal punks out the regular Dunlop Crybaby and Vox!

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