Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby
Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby
MGR/Billy 11/06/2010

Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby : MGR/Billy's user review

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This is the famous black rectangular Crybaby wah wah pedal everyone is familiar with. No knobs, just an on off switch under the rocker pedal.

The pedal I am reviewing is the first edition put out with the Rev C ciruit and the input and output jacks are seperate from the PCB board unlike the newer, cheaper built ones. This model also does not have a jack for a power supply. It runs on 9 volt battery only. I know these were made until 1989 when Jim Dunlop released a newer edition of the pedal.

I wanted to be like Hendrix! Isn't that why everyone buys a wah pedal? I paid $10 for this at a yard sale. It was dirty, but it cleaned up well.

A little bit of contact cleaner will clean up a scratchy pot. I used Windex sprayed onto a paper towel then wiped down the exterior of the pedal and had great results.

It does what it says it does! The older models have a clearer wah tone that sounds more like the guitar tones from my favorite classic rock albums.

Although you can adjust the pot by unscrewing the screw that holds the teeth in place and manually adjust it, that method is kind of a pain.

There is no LED light to let you know when or if the effect is on.

There is some signal loss. If the pedal were louder and true bypass I'd be happier.

The old ones do not have a power supply jack, but my power supply has a cable adaptor the connects to the battery plug.

Very well built. After time dust will built up in the pot, but I explained my cleaning process above. Just a quick spray of contact cleaner and rock the pot back and forth quickly.

If you need more than 2 applications and still have noise, you should invest in a new pot. I think a new one is only $20.

The Crybaby is the classic wah to own. You'll want an overdrive pedal in front of it to really get the full effect. They've made this pedal for years and it still is the most popular. Plenty of mods out there to tweak this $70 pedal and turn it into a real monster.

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