Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby
Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby
darkwolf291 03/21/2011

Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby : darkwolf291's user review

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This is a wah pedal. Nothing fancy, just a wah. Very simple. I bought the standard GCB-95 Crybaby. When I got mine, It had a red Fasel, not a Dunlop inductor in it. It has an input, output, and a 9v DC Plug, which is the standard Boss, center negative style.
This is NOT true-bypass, but it is very easy to make it true-bypass.


This is a very simple pedal to use. Plug it in, Turn it on, and rock away. No knobs or switches or sliders here, just click it on and turn into a Voodoo Child.
The manual is very clear about using it.
Nothing more to write here really.


This is where we meet at the crossroads with this pedal. It's a very shrill sounding wah. It benefits greatly from reindexing the pot, which takes 5 minutes and you can easily find out how to do it with a quick Google search. I did mine and it sounded much better. This is a GREAT platform to mod on. A few quick and easy mods can take this to a less than decent wah to a great wah.
Stock, it usually comes with the Dunlop inductor, but for some reason, mine came with the red Fasel inductor. It sounds decent at best. It;s very harsh and shrill, but as I said it can be taken care of with a quick reindex.
It is buffered bypass, and the buffer is NOT a good one. There is noticeable tone suck when using it. The True Bypass mod is very easy to do to it, but requires a new switch. If you're not willing to mod it, you may want to reconsider buying this pedal because stock, it leaves much to be desired.


This thing is VERY Shrill and Harsh stock. It is a great platform for modding, and some people may like it's level of shrillness, but not me. I reindexed the pot and have done a few mods (true bypass and increased the mids) and it sounds like a new pedal. If you're not in to modding, or don't like a shrill, harsh wah, then this is not the pedal for you.
I would have preferred a better buffer than the crap one dunlop threw in this thing. They could have also made it less shrill and throatier stock.
This is an on OK pedal all in all, but again, it's too shrill. It's a great platform for modding, as they can be found used for very cheap, but stock, there's many other great options.