Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby
Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby
amaurythewarrior 11/06/2005

Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby : amaurythewarrior's user review


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Ben wah is a simple, jack in and out, no rglages.
Technology? Well, it's not at all ... rcent

I will put in 10 because he ask.


Gnrale configuration is very simple, and rightly so: no rglage. Simply the "plug and play".

The manual is clear ... Ben, There's actually a good piece of paper or two 10x5 cm, but could do without it, and I will speak no manual ...

But there's useless information ... For example, they explain how it uses the pedals ... That a achte pedals when he can not use it?

I use it since yesterday, it creaks a little, may be it will pass with time ... It does not affect the operation for the moment anyway.

7 only because there is no rglage.


So, let y: ben me, it's simple I love it! As against a clean sound, it's pretty loud in the treble in the words of other opinions. But distortion is the foot! "100% pure wah sound!"

In fact you can do several things:

Wah-wah (no kidding?)

Swing the foot slowly to a flanger type effect ...

With the pedals in heel position, there's quite a synthetic, slightly fuzzy.

Position and "toe" of what many deafen the public!

8 because it is noisy


I use it since yesterday and this is my Premire wah.
What I like most: the sound!
I have not tried other models. Must believe that in my house, the wah ca not grow on trees.

The quality-price ratio? I paid about 80 so I'm pretty happy, I think it was going ... I have a Behringer prfre plastoc but in 50.

As against this note: it has no true bypass and is not adjustable, but by customizing, there's way.