Jacques Stompboxes Trinity

Trinity, Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Jacques Stompboxes.

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Basstyra 09/01/2005

Jacques Stompboxes Trinity : Basstyra's user review


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This is an analog pedals, like all the Jacques. A big man, moreover, these effects are very good, and most importantly, they all have a little more, a new approach, something more, which makes the difference, that make the effects very, very interesting.

Trinity is an envelope filter pedals of. In fact, it combines three control filter, an oscillator controlled by automatic (speed and depth adjustable), a dynamic controller and a foot in the form of a small pump (in fact it is of a lment mcanique not pump air).

Then click on the Trinity


La. .. It takes a little time to find how best to use all this, but after ... That happiness.

One can, in bulk, used as traditional wah, wah as dynamic as blocks wah (wah stuck) as autowah filter, and mix all this, of course.


Uh ... Excellent. Simply excellent. It blows a little when the filter is high, but that's normal, since it lets all the treble. This is not a blast from the pedals, rather an amplification of the existing one before, I would say.

The dynamics are excellent, adjustable to almost any level of potential. The range of variation of the filter is very tense, I'm a bass player, and suddenly it made rglages that can go much more acute in that it ncessaire me.


Anyway ... It's a bomb. I not long ago, but dja, I love it. I'm in love, what I mean. I tested pasmal of something like, Qtron and more. Bah, its level is not fundamentally DIFFERENT, but level options, with the oscillator and the pump (notamment. ..), a great pedals.

And then all the little tricks and more ... Size, small. The look, excellent. Construction, super heals. Support, Jacques is still enjoyable and rpond to emails. The battery finally a real storage battery, not just a piece of wire and tape ... etc ...

In short, I have dja ca Tubeblower and Jacques, and I am considering the purchase of the chorus (Meistersinger), and Why not other stuff ... I love these pedals, period.