Jacques Stompboxes Trinity

Trinity, Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Jacques Stompboxes.

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Eяяаtom 03/30/2009

Jacques Stompboxes Trinity : Eяяаtom's user review


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The Trinity ( http://img179.imageshack.us/img179/6989/222559jpgeq7.jpg ) , pedals with Jacques Stompboxes filter, analog technology.
A distance between the Controller, the Trinity Control ( https://wah-wah-guitare.jacques-stompboxes.audiofanzine.com/produits/index%2Cidproduit%2C90787%2Cmao%2Ctrinity_control.html ) , solid appearance (metal), size of the pedals from Boss and a Mxr, trs sensitive switch (same type as the old Dod pedals). The LED is green.

4 rglages:
_ Rate: speed of the oscillator (LFO)
_ Depht: depth or intensity of the oscillation plutt is therefore Defines the amplitude of the filter sweep CONTRL LF0 by the Q as they say.
_ Direction: from the dynamic sensitivity is CONTRL how rpond filter the input signal.
_ Manual: starting point of the range of frquences (low pass, high pass & band)
Three possible effects:
- Auto wah: the filter evolves according to a given speed. Autowah is a Cry Baby wah trmolo what is the volume pedals ...
* Sens = 0
* Depht back to deliver a minimum oscillation
* Rate is then RULES & Manual
+ Wah blocks ("stuck wah"): 0 Depht, adjusting the point frequency drives on Manual

- Envelope filter: the filter according to the dynamics of Ragit mdiator
* Rate & Depht zero
* Sens beginners race
* RULES on the Manual
+ Alternative: if you want to add an oscillation is adjusted Rate and Depht, we obtain an envelope filter combined with an auto wah! Council for this combination: Making meaning more than half in order to have the oscillation of the sustain notes.

- Wah wah: it connects the Trinity Control (dme rubber) and is pouic pouic. I do not possde accessory so I can not tell you. It is not for the pouic pouic.

Site builder ( https://www.jacquespedals.com/index.php?page=products&product=trinity&PHPSESSID=3e7c3ee67a5656a42e83ed30eb657d6c )
Personal website of Jacques ( http://membres.lycos.fr/jacquesstompbox/ )


Using the pedals not empty THE FIRST approach, but After a few hours of handling the config & rglages become intuitive, a pleasure rel paramtrer the filter!
The first 2 rglages contrlent them the two LF0 paramtreront and always together.

So the vast possibilities come with time. The knob Direction Determines the effect type filter. Del to half of its course the swing comes APRS attack strings, amazing!

The Trinity is like most envelope filter: it works in "up mode": the filter dplace up (acute)

The manual does not exist in French! wouhhh!


Good sound quality trs.
The auto wah sounds sweet trs (speed and depth doses well), get close sometimes a phaser, it is to say!
The envelope filter by trs is against law, sometimes dry. There is little race on the knob "meaning" for rgler then must rgler dlicatement.

It shows that the saturated filter will not go up the frquences extreme: no sound shrill and / or between ranges in certain high frequencies.
No doubt Mr Jacques wanted all costs avoid the acute own some screaming wah wah & self. It is good and bad, while dpend riffs, note that the saturated one hears little of the treble filter (the "high pass")
The sounds are very pleasant intermdiaires (yum stuck on wah!).

The sound of your scratching is respect, good bypass, no increase or decrease in volume gnral upon activation of the pedals, something of an auto wah foreseeable: a little noise even when the background but less than an AW-2.


The circuit of the indoor wah pedals gives the Entire satisfaction, found Trinity through the functionality of a Boss AW-2, a Mu-tron and of a Cry Baby, the silent order of Departure of the product. About the features you get closer to a Boss FT-2 Auto Wah with more (but not "down mode").
The IDE Controller as DME is original!

A trs good pedals that makes you want a little more s'intresser Socit Jacques Stompboxes ( http://www.guitaretv.com/reportage-sur-les-pedales-jacques-a-marseille-video-41.html ) ....

the +
. gnrale quality of the product (his and manufacturing)
. precision of rglages, exept the beginners and limit the range frequency drives SETTING THE
. possibilities: the main effects only one common filter compact pedals

the -:
. in the dark can not see much green cursors on the knobs (!)
. AIM I go further in the high range frequencies. elsewhere in distortion it feels to be in band pass though the "freq" is the maximum rgl
. the envelope filter is dry enough, trs / too straight