Jacques Stompboxes Trinity

Trinity, Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Jacques Stompboxes.

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Jacques Stompboxes Trinity : Anonymous 's user review


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Very comprehensive review of dj t have posts on this pedal.
I'm going to avoid rpeter which says and does give info Different.

Jacques is Fran and maintain a store of vintage instruments and effects ct Marseille. It also manufactures vintage-inspired effects.

His approach is quite atypical.
This pedal is actually inspired by famous three pedals: the Vox V847, the MuTron III and the Boss AW-2. It is therefore a wah, auto-wah, envelope filter and wah stuck.

The design is retro, but a little "cheap" I got like all the pedals Jacques.
Here no slecteur to select the function but 4 potentiomtres: Rate, Manual, Depth and Sensitivity is say LFO speed, frquence, width of scan and sensitivity.
A 9V battery power or mains. An input / output device and finally between the "Controller" shaped dome, to transform this wah pedal in the style ... well Jacques.

The pedal feels solid and well built, all analog. But for the price, quality LOWER Peru is one of pedals in the same View Categories.
In addition to the dome where control is optional 50 euros. Therefore total: EUR 150 + 50 = 200 euros. No data


This pedal has the default of its qualities: the possibilities are almost endless but the configuration can quickly become tedious because rglages are inter-dpendants.
At Exclusively for researchers sounds! The others will soon nervs.

For the dome of contrle, see the notice devoted since Jacques wish to sell spare!


The sounds are excellent, vintage types, and therefore quite soft and round.
What is intressant is the possibility of rgler each parameter: indita sounds are available. It must be sought.

The dme? See review devoted but he brings versatility and allows supplmentaire Manir DIFFERENT tackle the kicking game! Atypical.


Well, if you are interested in this pedal, you your face two situations:

- You need a wah terrain to accompany you every day for 200 euros, better choices you: Boss, Ibanez, Morley, Vox, Dunlop, ...

- You are a passionate wah up, rather collector and looking for a wah atypical Manir a DIFFERENT approach to this effect. Vouis availing oneself dj classics: Vox, Dunlop, Morley, Ibanez, ... models or even high-end or rare: RMC, Snarling Dogs, Budda, Fulltone, Roger Mayer, Source Audio, Moollon ... So this pedal you intressant.

Atypical but neither revolutionary, nor essential. An excellent pedal all the same.

His big default: the dome of where control is to buy sparment euros. Hey Jacques, do not EXAGRES all the same!