Vox V846-HW Handwired Wah Wah Pedal
Vox V846-HW Handwired Wah Wah Pedal

V846-HW Handwired Wah Wah Pedal, Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Vox.

jaib 04/30/2012

Vox V846-HW Handwired Wah Wah Pedal : jaib's user review

«  Finally a serious wah »

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This is a wah everything from conventional:
Standard format, input, output an on / off switch activated by pressing the pedal. A brief Wah.

The secret is inside instead:
Turret mounted on a circuit like the 70's amp (vox fender marshall)
Components of good quality (polyester capacitor, resistor of good quality, inducing designated especially for the occasion, a well-made potentiometer, a switch brand and solid plug.

And best of all, true bypass circuitry (for once), which will prevent your rhythm has to lose all their attack in the meandering wah if it is not engaged.

The list is long but I think this is the only right way to do a good audio circuit.

Only drawback, no 9v adapter jack (need for a battery)


Extremely easy to use, click -> wah, re-click -> no wah.

the amplitude is not too high, which allows it to be accurate in the wah.

the switch is very sweet aided by an ingenious retractable rubber pad.

Note that the front and rear positions of the pedal give maximum matchings very interesting and never go into too much.


It is good that the components make the difference, once initiated, very little extra breath, even amp background.

A warm and full, not an organic nasal wah for a penny.
Downstairs was a lovely kind filtering "I have a cup on the ears" and to top it does not fall into the shrill of morley but we get this boost mids very useful to scream old amps).

Wah this very low volume (clean sound) this amp is well bottom (although am obviously compressed by the lamps of the amp).

I currently play in a plexi marshall handmade and only high-end pieces, and a Strat. So I wanted to have a wah in the same taste.
But it sounded somewhat differently in the amps a bit cheap.


I own this wah for some days and I compared it with a morley classic wah cry baby and a standard.

The wah is clearly closer to that of morley dunlop (actually fortunately) but with a sound more "dirty" and a wah music and much more colorful.

The big highlight is the sound "original" and the true bypass which avoids the use of an effects loop for the wah.

The weak point is the failure to take 9v adapter (besides, we do not see why.

The bonus: she was personally delivered in a beautiful white leatherette bag VOX logo to protect it from dust and a plexiglass bottom plate in order to show all your friends racetrack.