Vox V846-HW Handwired Wah Wah Pedal
Vox V846-HW Handwired Wah Wah Pedal

V846-HW Handwired Wah Wah Pedal, Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Vox.

jerem's 05/28/2012

Vox V846-HW Handwired Wah Wah Pedal : jerem's's user review

« Finally a Vox wah-quality ... »

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Value For Money : Correct
Vox wah pedal Handwired V846, the new top model Vox.
Wah, but hand on cable grommet frame with specially selected components.
Among them:
Carbon composite resistors
Carling Switch
Switchcraft Jack inserts
Vox Custom Halo inductor-type specifically for this pedal.
Etc ...
Alim by 9V battery only, it can be daunting to some, but me Me, I prefer having few pedals I do not use the board in power supplies.
No internal trimpots, multi-switches, boost and other "gadgets" in my opinion, this is 100% plug and play and I personally prefer.

We also appreciate that this version is finally equipped with a true bypass this entails avoiding buffer not terrible as the V847A, ie a change in your sound.
It may also regret that despite the apparent quality pedal is still Made In China, especially considering the price, but after all, it should be much more product by Vox UK, so it is not surprising .. .

Externally the pedal is no different from her younger sister more basic V847A, except that the base and the pedal has a different finish, and in this case for me not the best taste. I have kept exactly the appearance of the V847. Same for the small stuff bag-beige cream that seems less thick and strong that the black came with her little sister.
She came with a transparent Plexiglas plate leaving the circuit visible, cool gadget if you like to be the fart, but for those who are interested know that apparently it semblerai it is not necessarily systematic, to confirm and see the purchase ...
Anyway, all this really is not the largest, and beyond that, it's no fault but rather a lack of power supply. So 9/10.


Yeah it could not be simpler, no need for a manual: you plug it clicks, you can play, and we rappuie to remove the effect!
The wah is not hard to trigger, but just right, not too soft either.
The race is quite usual at Vox: that is rather short. Personally I find it easier to use like that, but others may prefer a long race. However, the expressiveness and the voicing is such so adjusted that it makes it almost easier to use than the V847A I found.
In short, without a fault for which the plug and play like no frills and an old-wah.


Here we come to the main topic: The Sound!
In direct comparison with the V847 (each in turn connected in the circuit back through the amp's standby and not connected together one after the other, to properly account for the bypass), the verdict is clear: this wah sounds beautifully in a good registry vintage. As usual with Vox, the area where it will excel the first clean and light crunch to big saturation, because of its vintage character, I do not know if she will agree.
Which is nice when you love the grain Vox is precisely that we recognize well the identity of the wah, and when you come from the V847 is not out of place: we find the Sound Vox even if everything is better with it.

As stated in previous opinions, what strikes one first is the character really well and organic vintage voice of this wah, very natural and not excessive in the extreme position. Switched back to the highs are shrill and even less in the other direction the low me seemed less dull and muffled, better defined.

The sweep is really superbly fitted, and if you're not a pro in the wah it almost seems easier to play than his colleague, precisely because the adjustment of the race is perfect and beautiful sound.
As has been said, there is still a light coat of breath used only on an amp, then to see by coupling with fuzz-type pedals, distortion or OD.
Note that there is no difference in volume between the sound clearly audible without and with wah.

I am going to report what I've read on other forums, that the wah does not accomodera all the fuzz. This is perhaps precisely the true bypass circuit and the lack of a good buffer (which could be activated or not depending on his choice, as is done on some pedals for example) or device "fuzz- friendly ".
I will therefore 9/10 because it will not be perfect on this point and also for the slight hiss audible if we play a bit much.


I have only a few days, and I only played a few hours, but I think I am correct in my view, because we feel that we live a good product under the foot. At worst, I will edit if needed ;)

This wah is perfect for those seeking his Vox wah or vintage 60-70's, with an effect with a real personality and just beautiful on the clean already.
Important criterion for the meaning of reliability in regard to the service of the V847A, only time will tell, and I hope that for the price she did not disappoint on this point, especially since everything else is at top.

I find the value correct for me (who have purchased Effect On Line to 169 € on the good advice of Scorpio, thank you dude ;) ), but I find that almost 200 € (current prices) sounds a bit too expensive for a wah course with the sound quality you would expect at this price but has serious competitors also handmade shop, and even more prestigious ...
I do it again this choice simply because that's what I like Vox grain and makes it beautifully.
I therefore put him 9/10 because, scalded by the V847, I must see in time how it will behave.