Vox V847-A Wah-Wah Pedal
Vox V847-A Wah-Wah Pedal
pelly 03/13/2009

Vox V847-A Wah-Wah Pedal : pelly's user review


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- Jack out / in
- 9v DC power
nothing more, nothing less. the pedals s' ds engages you press the pedals in strong position (as on the standard MODEL).

This is a Chinese-made (like a lot of pedals now, Rocktron, Morley I think (not for morley), ect ..)

Sold approximately 150 in-store in Belgium. cheaper online (88 on thomann lol). It is sold with a house for transport.


Standard use. we must press hard to initiate the guitar. It will be a point ngatif for sure, a positive for others. I personally prefried this case.


I could compare it at the same time a cry baby CGB95, and a Rocktron classic morley PWOV (mid-wha, mid-volume).

Compared the Rocktron, there is no picture, the sound of the Rocktron is more runny, prcis least, I would have probably not noticed without comparison with a Vox, but the c t the other is empty. The Rocktron dnature trs strong original sound.

Compared the Morley, no doubt, much the same terms as for the Rocktron. sound no less prcis especially a scanning frquences really not progressive (it would win may be certain).

The comparison with the Cry Baby is much more mixed, the cry-baby complies with the basic sound but also of balayge frquences is less progressive in the race beginners vox. The vox sounds better in distortion also because the notes are clean. The cry baby chouilla least one prcis.

The vox spend as much as that clean distortion with a good race gradual. (Open to closed position). The basic sound is really respect. for me, comparing pwov or Rocktron, there is no photo. compares the cry baby, it's a matter of taste.

Small BMOL for vox (which may be a little more for sure) and in clean limit, ca sweeps up .. rev up .. really high).


A model that is really worth it. I did not dpuis long time and I heard that Chinese manufacturing DSIR time left so we'll see. J'diterais if I have a problem.

That said, I regret my purchase at all and am glad to have had the Occasion to be able to test a ct of the other. If I had received the morley without having tried the vox, I would have t me happy, but compare the two at the same time leaves no doubt in my mind. That said, the cry baby is cheaper and probably much too satisfied ... So, explore ... and test ...
That said for the price, it may seem high for 2009 but if I remember correctly, I pay my cry baby 75 130euro the era (there are over 10 years, so 5500 Belgian franc)