Vox V847-A Wah-Wah Pedal
Vox V847-A Wah-Wah Pedal
BluesBiker 01/15/2009

Vox V847-A Wah-Wah Pedal : BluesBiker's user review


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MODEL 847a. Therefore made in China.
A priori, no dfaut.Look treated corresponding to the original MODEL.
A power adapter, but no true-bypass.


Wha is a classic, traditional use.
Say no more.


I bought this Vox with memories of his old magic with original obtained.
Deception. The sound is nice, less garish than the standard Cry Baby, for example, but not found the warmth of old.
That said, the pedals fulfilling its office, mainly on clean sounds.
Good point, the lack of true-bypass is not felt, at least with some other pedals and with good cables


CAUTION: After three months of normal use (that bit!), The pedals started crachouiller! A contact bombs and here we go again ... for one hour before the rapparaissent.Et spitting so suite.J 'I disassemble the pedals and observation in passing that as electronic components DIFFERENT mcaniques that seem "cheap" compared with fragile my old Cry Baby Annes 80.Mme of the aluminum of the case is thinner.
A friend who bought the pedals has exactly the same problem.
It seems that the Chinese Vox is a bad deal, and she has to use the look.Pour pro, avoid it.
Try to find an original time, or do as I do: I bought the Cry Baby Classic Fasel: it is less beautiful, more CHRE, but the quality has nothing to do, and not its . And wha a warm and expressive, but that's another story ...