Vox V847-A Wah-Wah Pedal
Vox V847-A Wah-Wah Pedal
thedams 09/14/2011

Vox V847-A Wah-Wah Pedal : thedams's user review

«  Does not deserve its bad reputation ... »

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Wah, analog, made in China.
The difference with the United States? implementation of SMD components, the input power supply 'and an output buffer that allows for a fuzz marry without problems.

An instrument input, an output amplifier, a switch, an input power supply 9V 9V battery and a location.

Rugged, light can be more than US version, but still shielded!

I put 7 because some components (jacks, switch, potentiometer) are fairly cheap, and the bypass is not very good (it is NOT true bypass!)


Easy for who ever used a wah.


Well, that's where you have to be objective:

YES, this is a made in China, so what? I live in the US, I know their industry well enough, stop the myth "made in US" ... they are not the last to scrounge and where they can outsource the labor!

YES, the components (some at least) are the CMS, which, whatever the purist, does not make m * rde, SMD components are theoretically more stable.

Yes, it sounds "less", or rather different from its precursor States. And again, we must stop "the best vintage was" widespread ... Some swear by it even if it is not objective at all, and it gets heavy. The ears are the only judges, and some find that base it sounds like they want, others do not, period! If she does not like it, you do not buy ...

Still, the base is there.

Less "noisy" that GCB95 (CryBaby), less typical "vintage" a US, a Clyde McCoy or a Buddha, it remains in his Vox.

Tones "warm" rather excessive in the extreme (low and high). The range of use ("sweep") is large enough, even if it is far from a Colorsound.

This makes a good base cheap (paid $ 50 for US at the time) for the modder.
If so, once again pace the critics, it is entirely possible provided we know how to handle a soldering iron and so conscientious that we (the average level in electronics is required, I recommend to beginners).

1 / Change to true bypass: 3PDT switch ($ 7 for a good quality), some wire and some resistors ($ 2). Opportunity to ask an LED.
2 / Changing the sweep condo: I asked a personal rotocontacteur to select among four condos with one to effect a volume pedal ($ 8).
3 / Change the potentiometer by a feeble type ICAR (between $ 10 and $ 15 on eBay)
4 / change the inductor for a home with more Apple products, for my part a Whipple made out to The Vox specs of 67 ($ 25 on eBay).
5 / Change of transistors Q1 and Q2, for BC109B type "low gain" ($ 12 for the pair of NOS).

(Looking well on eBay, you can really drive prices, including transistors and switch 3PDT)

Total: $ 64 for a full mod.
If we add the original price of $ 50, we arrive at a wah very nice for $ 114. Still cheaper than US market Used + mods (true-bypass, the inductor can be changed, the transos, condos, etc.). Or any other "drop-in kit" which must be added the base price of the wah.

Link to the mods:

Link kit knob, switch and inductor:

I put 6 for no wah mods, because the correct sounds but lacks character.
9 after mods.


I use it for 3 years, 6 months moddée completely (the true-bypass and condos sweep was made three months after purchase).

She met moddée not without being a great warrior. Now that I modified according to what I wanted, she never leaves my PB.