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Thread Is 5 Watts enough?

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1 Is 5 Watts enough?
I'm building a recording studio in my basement and what to have a guitar amp and speaker on hand for musicians to use if they like. I found a 1x12" empty cab online new for $59 and I think I'll get a celestion vintage 30 to put in it. That doesn't leave much room in my budget for an amp. I defiitly want a tube amp and I found the epiphone valve jr. for $129 I'm just wondering if 5 Watts is enough for recording in a 12' x 20' x 7.5' basement. If not what do you suggest?
5 watts isnt ideal, 10 and 15 watt amps are better for sure, i use a vox AD15vt and its awsome for the price $160ish. I am selling mine for $100 because i now use a pod x3 so $100 is close to the used you could pick one up for, great little amp.