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Thread Recording a Eb Tuned Guitar

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1 Recording a Eb Tuned Guitar
Having Troubles getting my Cort Electric Guitar to sound clean out of my Marshall JCM 900 Stack.

It is Eb Tuned, and i use distortion from the marshall.

Any one got any suggestions on how i can clean this up?

Im using 57's

One on the top right speaker and another bottom left

Paning each right and left respectivly.

Any help that would be great


do you mean that it doesnt sound clean in the amp or in the recording? its a good idea to use just one mic (about 3-6 inches away from the speaker) on the amp to avoid phase cancelation problems, maybe place the other mic in the corner of the room to get some natural reverb. If you're gonna use both mics on the same cab reverse the polarity of one of them so they dont get out of phase. does that help at all?
Do you have an audio clip?